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I'm Author Guest of Honor at EerieCon 18 this weekend! - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
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I'm Author Guest of Honor at EerieCon 18 this weekend!
My apologies for not saying more about this sooner, but I'm one of the two Author Guests of Honor at EerieCon 18 in Grand Island, New York. (Grand Island is right between Buffalo and Niagara Falls.) Along with fellow Author GoH Victor Gischler, I'll be doing programming and selling and signing books and all the usual stuff.

Here's my schedule:

7-8pm: Opening Ceremonies (Ballroom East)

1-2pm: "50 Years of Star Trek," w/David Clink (Regency)
3-4pm: Guest of Honor Q&A (Ballroom East)
5-6pm: What Line's Mine?, w/Erik Buchanan, Victor Gischler, Shirley Meier, Lynn Merrill, John-Allen Price, & Darrell Schweitzer (Ballroom East)

10-11am: reading (512 Salon)
12-1pm: "Newbie Errors in Fiction Writing," w/Derwin Mak & Darrell Schweitzer (West 1)
1-2pm: "Writing in the Whedonverse," w/Victor Gischler (Ballroom East)

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