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fuck the DMV

So back in July, when we were driving home from InConJunction, I got a speeding ticket on I-80 in Pennsylvania. Shit happens, it's a long stretch of nothin', and it's real easy to go over the speed limit. I got the ticket, I paid the ticket, and all was right with the world--

--or so I thought. While the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania saw fit to alert the State of New York that I got the speeding ticket, it was a bit more dilatory in informing them that I paid it. As a result I got a notice in the mail saying my license would be suspended due to non-payment of the ticket.

Except I did pay the ticket, and so armed with receipt of same, I went to the DMV on Fordham Road on Friday morning. I arrived to be told to go onto the traffic violations line, waited patiently, got to the front, and was informed that that was the wrong line. *headdesk*

I go to the main kiosk, get a number, and sit and wait until the number is called, and go to the clerk, who informs me that she can't enter that information into the computer, I have to call Albany after she faxes the paperwork to them. It being Friday, I can't call Albany until Monday.

So this morning, I call them, I navigate the menus, and finally get where I need to go, and then I'm told, "Due to high call volume, you call cannot be answered at this time." That's it -- not put on hold, not asked to enter my phone number so they can call me back, not given advice on when to call back, just cut off. I tried twice more, just to be sure, but no such luck.


With all respect to my friends and family who live in Pennsylvania, the whole fucking state can fall in a goddamn hole right now.

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