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lovely dinner with karate people

Our little corner of Kenshikai Karate has four dojos in four different countries -- we've got us in New York City, and then dojos in South Africa, Japan, and Italy. This week is our black belt promotion, and Kenshikai Italia has sent a half dozen people over, including the head of their dojo, Kyoshi Massimo, for the event, and to visit NYC and train with us and other fun stuff.

Last night, we had a huge dinner at the Riverdale Steakhouse and it was a glorious night, with huge representation from white belts all the way up to the highest-level black belts to eat and drink and share stories and enjoy each others' company.

Front row (seated): Sara, Senpai Simone, Kyoshi Massimo, Shihan Paul, Sensei Filippo, Sensei Gustavo, Senpai Emanuela, Elizabetta.

Second row (seated): Senpai Danni, Senpai Stephen, Senpai Karen, Senpai Dorian, Senpai Jorge, Senpai Keith (that's me!)

Third row (standing): Senpai Michael, Senpai Kyle, Senpai Aaron, Senpai Alexandra, Senpai Yoshiko, Senpai Olga, Alicia, Senpai Harley, Senpai Rey, Senpai Danielle, Senpai Dayana, Lennie, Alexandra.

Fourth row (standing): Senpai Dylan, Libby, Helene, Senpai Alexander, Jonathan, Vivian, Leslie, Roz, Peggy, Senpai Lio, Derrick, Gordy.


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