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stuff for what I'm thankful

On this Thanksgiving Day, I'm thankful for many things.....

...for my family, which includes both people I'm related to and people I've chosen to be part of my life, for support and love and wonderfulness: the Forebearance, Wrenn, Meredith & Anneliese, Dale, Lilly, Alex & Bridget & their kids, Tom, and Matt.

...for my friends, of whom I am blessed to have tons, and whom I can't possibly list all, though I will mention some: Laura Anne, Dave M., Glenn & Brandy, Laura, Jonathan M., Amanda, Janet, Peter L., Lisa, Karen, Orenthal, John D., Jay & Pam & their kids, John O. & Carol & Arren, Catelynn & Mark, Tara, Helena, Dave A., Aaron & Jen & their kids, Caren, Lindsay, Luke & Heather, Danielle, Bonnie & Brian, Meg N., Em, Dalyn, Will & Meg, etc., etc., etc. (Apologies to all those I left off, but it's early in the morning....)

...for my agent, Lucienne (as well as Pete & Ty), who is both the best agent ever and the best friend a guy can have.

...for my readers and my fans, who are the best ever.

...for Shihan Paul and everyone else at the dojo, for providing me with strength and spirit and a place where I can thrive as both a student and as a teacher.

...for the Boogie Knights, past and present, for giving me a place to make music.

...for all the editors with whom I have worked over the years, in particular this year Jonathan, Kelly, Al, and the various folks at Joe Books.

...for all the folks at, Emily, Bridget, Chris, Katharine, Leah, and the rest, who have given me an outlet to express my nerdity and who are also some of the finest people around and who I am proud to call both friends and colleagues.

...for the Mohonk Mountain Resort, where we are spending this Thanksgiving weekend with the Forebearance and the Godmommy, and for the Forebearance in particular who are paying for us to be here, as we can't afford this place ourselves. *wry grin*

...for Joe and JoAnn, our new landlords, and for our new home, which is magnificent.

...for, once again, Wrenn and Meredith and Lilly.

...and for everyone and everything else I might have forgotten to include because there's just so damn much I'm grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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