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Star Trek The Original Series Rewatch: "The Lorelei Signal"

Uhura finally gets command of the ship! Too bad it's in this piece of crap episode that dredges up all the clichés.... The TOS Rewatch hears "The Lorelei Signal."

An excerpt:
Unfortunately, while Uhura is great in this, and Nichelle Nichols takes full advantage of the opportunity, the actual story is—well, about as good as you would expect from the writer of “The Gamesters of Triskelion,” “The Paradise Syndrome,” and “The Cloud Minders.” To wit, dumber than a box of hair. The woman who ensorcells men is almost literally the oldest story in the book, and—unlike, say, the riff on it done by the other show I’m currently rewatching, which at least gave us Joan Collins—this adds nothing of interest to the legend. Theela and her minions make the Eymorgs of “Spock’s Brain” look like they belong in Mensa.

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