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irons in the fire update

My writing schedule in one simple blog post!

Super City Cops. My three new Super City novellas are all done, and two are out (Avenging Amethyst and Undercover Blues), with the other due out one week from today (Secret Identities).

"Precinct" stories. Mermaid Precinct is on the schedule to be written this year. No, really! Honest! And I intend to finally write "Baker's Dozen," the Kickstarted story from a thousand millennia ago. Oh, and the "Precinct" story "House Arrest" is being reprinted in The Best of Bad-Ass Faeries, coming later this year from eSpec Books.

Bram Gold. The first book in the urban fantasy novels starring this nice Jewish boy from the Bronx who hunts monsters is A Furnace Sealed, and that's actually the next novel in my writing schedule. Should be starting back into it (five chapters are already written) this weekend. And the contract calls for two more books.

Cassie Zukav. I have plenty of other Cassie stories to tell, but right now the only one in the pipeline is "Behind the Wheel," which is supposed to be in TV Gods: Summer Programming (I say "supposed to be," because I haven't actually gotten a contract yet....). Nothing else specifically planned, but that will, I'm sure, change as opportunities present themselves.

Tie-in projects. I've got three tie-in projects with a publisher, one a book that's 99% done, one a book that I have to work on once I'm done with A Furnace Sealed, and one small one that's done and awaiting approval. The first should be out in the summer, the second in 2018, and the third in the fall of this year.

Shirley Holmes & Jack Watson. My first story involving these two folks, a modern NYC-based update of the Sherlock Holmes stories, is called "Identity" and will be in Baker Street Irregulars, out this March (and has already been singled out for praise by Kirkus!). Volume 2 of BSI will have my second Shirley-and-Jack story, "Six Statues," which is what I'm working on this week.

Star Trek: Prometheus. I'm editing the translation of this German-language Star Trek trilogy, as the translation is awkward and needs touching up. I've done Books 1 and 2 and Book 3 is on the docket for February.

KRADitorial. Beyond Prometheus, there's no editorial work on the horizon, so this is a reminder that KRADitorial is open for business and we're available to edit your manuscripts, long or short. Contact me at krad at whysper dot net for rates and schedules and things.
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