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writer spotlight for (Re)Generation Who - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
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writer spotlight for (Re)Generation Who
I will be back at (Re)Generation Who 3 next month, and in anticipation of that, the fine folks who run the show have me as the subject of a Writer Spotlight!

Money quote:
(Re)Generation Who: Tell us a little bit about your “Doctor Who” related work. Where will fans have read your contributions to the Whoniverse?

Keith DeCandido: I’ve written three Who short stories, and also edited a Who short-story anthology.

For the 1996 anthology Decalog 3: Consequences, I wrote a Fourth Doctor story called “UNITed We Fall,” which had the Doctor encountering the Brigadier in modern New York City for a meeting at the United Nations involving a requisitions hearing and a bomb that will destroy the solar system. Oh, and an assassination attempt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (That anthology also had the first-ever Who fiction by some obscure Brit named Steven Moffat. Wonder whatever happened to him...)

For the 2001 charity anthology Missing Pieces, I did a Fifth Doctor story that took place in Key West, Florida that was a riff on the Robert the Doll legend.

For the 2007 Short Trips anthology Destination Prague, I did a Whovian riff on the Golem of Prague legend, which included both the First Doctor (in historical Prague) and the Fourth Doctor (in a future Prague that had been taken over by aliens).

I also edited the 2008 Short Trips anthology The Quality of Leadership, which included the first-ever Who fiction by Una McCormack, Peter David, and Diane Duane.

In addition, I wrote a piece about heroism and the brilliance of the 50th anniversary special for Tor.com.

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