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review of my Slings and Arrows eBook - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
review of my Slings and Arrows eBook
Back in 2015, Dan Gunther of Trek Lit Reviews reviewed the 2007/2008 eBook miniseries Slings and Arrows. In celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, this miniseries, which I conceived and edited, chronicled the first year of service of the Enterprise-E leading up to the movie First Contact. It shows how Picard and the gang dealt with things like Changeling infiltration, the declaration of martial law on Earth, Lwaxana Troi's pregnancy, the Maquis, and lots more.

Somehow, I missed it when Dan reviewed my contribution to the miniseries. All the titles came from Shakespeare's Hamlet, and my concluding story was entitled Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment. It also served as a crossover between TNG and DS9, as Picard and Sisko are assigned to jointly try to convince Chancellor Gowron to re-ally the Klingon Empire with the Federation.

Money quote:
The character moments between Sisko and Picard are the true shining gems in this story by the always on-point Keith DeCandido. An excellent wrap-up to what has been a pretty good series for the most part. I have been reading a lot of DeCandido's work lately, and this is a writer who needs to have more new Trek fiction published. Come on Pocket Books, give this guy a contract for a new Star Trek novel already! I'm missing my dose of DeCandido awesomeness!

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