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a brief history of Iron Fist in the comics - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
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a brief history of Iron Fist in the comics
On the day of the debut of Iron Fist on Netflix, I take a look at the history of the comic book character, who debuted in 1974 in the midst of the kung-fu craze.

An excerpt:
After a decade—and after losing his two closest friends to the Hylthri, the plant people who are sworn enemies of K’un L’un—Rand leaves K’un L’un and returns home to New York City. He wants revenge on Harold Meachum for killing his father (and inadvertently leading to his mother’s death). Meanwhile, Davos, a.k.a. the Steel Serpent—son of the man who trained Rand, and who covets the iron fist—also travels to New York to kill Rand and claim the iron fist.

Along the way, Rand makes several friends, including former policewoman Misty Knight and swordswoman Colleen Wing. Later, he and Luke Cage are thrown together, and they become partners in Heroes for Hire—and best friends. In addition, Rand starts a relationship with Knight, one of the first (and few) interracial romances in mainstream comics.

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