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Holy Rewatch Batman! "The Great Escape"/"The Great Train Robbery" - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
Holy Rewatch Batman! "The Great Escape"/"The Great Train Robbery"
Shame is back, and he's got help from his fiancee and future mother-in-law. The Bat-rewatch is a-Shame-d (sorry) to look at the last two-parter of the series in "The Great Escape"/"The Great Train Robbery."

An excerpt:
I love Batman reading Shame’s note in a Western accent. I love how craven Batman and Robin are under the influence of the fear gas. I love how Batman calmly replies to each of Shame’s insults with a reasonable calm response. (“Your mother wore Army shoes!” “Yes, she did. As I recall, she found them quite comfortable.”) I love that Gotham City has a used tank lot. I love that it takes the brain power of all three heroes to dope out the opera-house robbery. I love the easy banter between the husband-and-wife team of Cliff Robertson and Dina Merrill as Shame and Calamity Jan. I love that Batgirl and Robin save the day by actually expecting the bad guys to go back on their word, thus saving Batman’s trusting ass from getting shot.

And oh my goodness do I love Fred! Barry Dennen is superb here, looking every bit the unbathed, droopy-mustachioed Mexican that was a tired staple of Westerns, but speaking with a posh British accent and with a delightfully withering dry wit. Honestly, this whole storyline is worth it just for Fred and his sardonic commentary. He’s fantastic.

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