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nice review of Aliens: Bug Hunt - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
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nice review of Aliens: Bug Hunt
Aliens: Bug Hunt is out tomorrow from Titan -- just in time for my 48th birthday! -- and there's already a review up! The fine folks at Gamers Sphere have put up a review by Courtney Gamache. Gamache specifically reviews four of the eighteen stories, specifically those by Paul Kupperberg, Larry Correia, Weston Ochse, and Mike Resnick & Marina J. Lostetter.

Money quote:
Aliens: Bug Hunt has such a variety of stories that span the different creatures and scenarios in the Aliens universe. By having the different authors write these short stories, we are able to see different parts of this world through the eyes of some of the best authors out there. The book is a tasteful horror-driven science fiction that Jonathan Maberry promised in the introduction.


Originally posted on Keith's Word Press blog.

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