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another nice review of Aliens: Bug Hunt - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
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another nice review of Aliens: Bug Hunt

Over at Sci-Fi Bulletin, Paul Simpson has written a very favorable review of Bug Hunt, the Aliens anthology edited by Jonathan Maberry that includes my story "Deep Background." Paul gave it a 9/10, which was very kind of him.

Money quote:
All focus on the Marines but from different angles – Scott Sigler’s story boasts a particularly intriguing perspective, which you’ll find even more fascinating when you read his notes at the end of it, while Keith DeCandido’s tale reminds us just how twisted humanity can be even without the assistance of Xenomorphs in the mix. We get back stories for some of the Marines (Yvonne Navarro’s adding a poignancy to the events of Alien3) and see them in action away from LV-426.

Originally posted to Keith's Word Press blog.

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