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nice review of Limbus Inc. Volume 3 - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
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nice review of Limbus Inc. Volume 3
Over on his web site, Carl Alves has reviewed Limbus Inc. Volume 3, the shared world anthology edited by Brett J. Talley, which featured novellas by me, Seanan McGuire, Jonathan Maberry, David Liss, and Laird Barron

Carl liked the anthology, and I'm especially pleased to see that he singled out my story for praise!

Money quote:
My favorite story is probably a toss up between Seanan McGuire’s story and Keith DeCandido’s story about a woman with an extraordinary ability to talk people off the ledge so to speak, who travels through time influencing the lives of others and her own on behalf of Limbus, Inc.  This anthology both had a great concept and was well executed.


Originally posted to Keith's Word Press blog.

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