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"how's married life?" - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
"how's married life?"

So it's happening again......

The first time I got married was in 1992, to the lovely Marina Frants. We split up in 2000, but it was amicable. We simply had grown in different directions, and we're still friends today, though we don't really see each other as much since she moved to the west coast (not to mention her two-year sojourn to Australia).

Anyhow, for months after Marina and I tied the knot on 2 May 1992, everyone kept asking, "How's married life?" I got really really really really really sick of it by around June 1992....

Sure enough, the same thing's happening now since Wrenn and I got married. Mostly I've just been saying, "Exactly like engaged life, only with the recent memory of a great party." Also it's so much easier to say "wife" than "fiancée" (two fewer syllables!) and I'm really lazy......

Anyhow, I am quite content. Things aren't perfect, but they're pretty close. Wrenn's freelance work has been a bit fallow, but I'm sure that will pick up soon, and the current administration has me literally in fear for our lives to a degree I haven't felt since being a kid during the height of the Cold War.

Still, I've got tons of work, we live in a home we adore (seriously, kicking us out of our previous apartment may have been the best things our previous landlords ever did for us), we have amazing friends and family, and all is truly good.

So married life is pretty danged awesome! So stop asking! *laughs*

Originally posted to Keith's Word Press blog.


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romulantbonz From: romulantbonz Date: May 15th, 2017 05:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
No matter where you are in life, people do that sort of comment/nagging:

-If single: Got a girlfriend/boyfriend?
-If cohabitation: When are you getting married?
-If married: How'd the marriage? Having kids?
-1 kid: Surely you're not having only 1?
-2 kids (same sex): Are you trying for a (boy/girl)?
-3+ kids: Are you having your tubes tied? (I was actually asked if I was going to be "fixed" when I was pregnant with my 3rd. By a stranger. I was so stunned by the question that my usual answer to such impertinent questions never happened.)

Just tune it out. They mean well.

So how's married life?

KIDDING! Stupid thing to ask a newlywed anyhow. They should be happy this early. If not, they sure wouldn't want to talk about it and you wouldn't want to know!
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