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a look back at the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
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a look back at the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman
In anticipation of the release this Friday of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, I take a look back at Lynda Carter's two Wonder Woman series from the late 1970s, and come to the interesting conclusion that Diana Prince was actually a better role model than the title character. Trust me, it makes sense.

An excerpt:
Diana herself changed, too. In “The Return of Wonder Woman,” she wore a large pair of glasses, much like she did during World War II, and using the gold coins her mother gave her, she purchased a wardrobe that was almost entirely dowdy, meant to contrast with her sexy alter ego. This was also abandoned by the time “The Man Who Made Volcanoes” rolled around. Diana started wearing clothes that were at the height of fashion. That went into overdrive in the final season, where she was dressed like she was going to a fashion show, wearing more suit jackets and hats and skirts. The big glasses also took a supporting role, generally only worn when Diana was driving or working in the IADC office, and not even always then. She also wore her hair in a ponytail as Diana Prince, rather than up in a bun as she had in the early episodes. In later episodes, she occasionally wore it down as Diana. (How nobody figured out that this woman who looked and sounded just like Diana Prince, always turned up when Diana was in trouble, and was never in the same place at the same time as Diana is left as an exercise for the viewer.)

Originally published on Keith's Word Press blog.

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