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my Shore Leave 39 schedule - KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
my Shore Leave 39 schedule
Originally posted to Keith's Word Press blog.


I will, as ever, be at Shore Leave this weekend at the Hunt Valley Inn, as I have been each of the past seventeen years. I will be both an author guest and a musical guest, the latter in my capacity as a member of the Boogie Knights. The Knights will be debuting a new song called "Young Master Frodo," written by me! It's to the tune of the a cappella Irish folk song "General Taylor," and it's gonna be awesome.

Anyhow, here's my full schedule for this weekend:

5-6pm: "Why We Write," w/Laura Ware, Heather E. Hutsell, Melissa Scott, and Peter David (Salon A)
6-7pm: "What's Your Favorite Trek?" w/Dayton Ward, Howard Weinstein, Dave Galanter, Scott Pearson, and Amy Imhoff (Salon A)

11am-noon: Boogie Knights concert (Valley)
12-1pm: "Wonder Woman," w/Rigel Ailur, Simantha Galanter, Hildy Silverman, Amy Imhoff, and Susan Oleson (Salon A)
4.30-5pm: practical self-defense workshop (Concierge)
5-6pm: "The Batman," w/John Coffren, Robert Greenberger, Derek Tyler Attico, Richard C. White, and Michael Jan Friedman (Salon A)

11am-noon: "Where No Tale Has Gone Before," w/David Mack, Dayton Ward, Christopher L. Bennett, and Scott Pearson (Chase)
1-2pm: "Mixing and Matching Genres," w/Greg Cox, Stephen Kozeniewski, Melissa Scott, and Roberta Rogow (Chase)
2-3pm: "Ye Gods!" w/Robert Greenberger, Aaron Rosenberg, Hildy Silverman, Amy Imhoff, and Kathleen David (Chase)


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