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KRAD's Inaccurate Guide to Life
ramblings from a mad fedora'd writer
on the new blog
Here's what I've been babbling about over on my Word Press blog:

Friday fanfare is a hilarious mashup of Billy Joel and H.P. Lovecraft.

4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Howard the Duck and Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

After being a week behind for several weeks, I finally catch up on my Patreon weekly TV reviews with a piece on Black Lightning's first episode and a look back at 2011's Breakout Kings.

Speaking of 2011, here's a new review of my novel from that year, SCPD: The Case of the Claw.

From the archives: Waiting for Godot with Sirs Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart.

My review of Star Trek Discovery's "Vaulting Ambition."

Tuesday's dead on a productive weekend and all the work I've fallen behind on since Dale died.

Ursula K. Le Guin, RIP.

Midweek music is Robbie Robertson's "He Don't Live Here No More."

A guide to what's coming on "4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Great Superhero Movie Rewatch" over the next few months.

Friday fanfare is Rhiannon Giddens doing "Waterboy."

4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Captain America (1990) and Fantastic Four (1994).

On a very busy Thursday.....

A signing for Mine!, which is actually this afternoon!

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Current Music: "Pavane" by Jethro Tull

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