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on the new blog

The latest stuff on the WordPress blog:

From the archives: in "honor" of Columbus Day, a post about how stupid that holiday is.

Midweek music: "Beer Run."

From the archives: cosplay, still not consent.

Crazy week ahead....

Monday music: "Tu Vuo Fa l'Americano."

What's new on Patreon.

Friday fanfare: "Mambo Italiano."

Available for preorder: Outside In Takes a Stab: 139 New Perspectives on 139 Buffy Episodes by 139 Writers.

Monday music: "Tinto Di Luna."

Tuesday's dead.

Midweek music: "Haleiwa Farewell."

Midweek (Hallowe'en) music: "Monster Mash.

My Sunday feeling.

SHE RIDES! On finishing Mermaid Precinct....

Monday music: "That's Amore."

Now available from Story Bundle: The Valor: Military Science Fiction Bundle, featuring my 2011 Afro-futurist novel Guilt in Innocence.

Jonathan Franzen is a pretentious twatwaffle.

"Alice's Restaurant Massacree," 'cause it's still Thanksgiving.

Stuff for what I'm thankful.

Stan Lee and William Goldman, RIP.

My review of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Me at Wintercon this weekend! stuff

My review of the Short Treks episode "Runaway."

Lots of new stuff from "4-Color to 35-Millimeter": Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man 2 (I also did one for Amazing Spider-Man, but forgot to blog about it....), and Jonah Hex.
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