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WorldCon schedule

Here's my current schedule for LACon IV, this year's World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim:

10am: "Crossing Genres" w/Alma Alexander, Nancy Holder, and John Maddox Roberts.
11.30am: "Forensic Science Fiction" w/John R. Douglas, James Hay, Sam Scheiner, and Cordelia Willis.
5pm: reading

10am: "Getting Started in Writing SF, Part II" w/Ashley Grayson, Stephen Leigh, Jaime Levine, and Tim Powers. (Part I of this will be Thursday at 2.30pm and include Jean-Noel Bassior, K. A. Bedford, Hilari Bell, Michael S. Brotherton, and Brenda Cooper.)
4pm: "Assistant Editors: Glorified Gophers or Finders of Hidden Gems" w/Ginjer Buchanan, Jim Frenkel, and Beth Meacham.
5.30pm: "The Business of Writing" w/Kevin J. Anderson, Gay Haldeman, Rebecca Moesta, and Eleanor Wood.

11am: kaffeeklatsch
4pm: autographing

11.30am: "Firefly: Great Show, Low Ratings" w/Fr. John Blaker, Lorien Gray, and John O'Halloran.

Looks like it's gonna be a fun convention. I suspect my reading will be either from Blackout or The Mirror-Scaled Serpent or Q&A.
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